MS79 Individual

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MS79 Individual

MarvalcarSanirbos 79, is an KOSHER Ultra Premium oEVOO of exceptional quality, which can be presented as such or ecological infused with saffron, or other seasonings.

The labeling of our pieces are based on the sketch “Bernal’s Olives” work of Spanish artist Javier Bernal, keeping them protected from light for its oval-shaped case, crafted using hardwood, weighing approximately 2kgs and which  only the lucky owner will be access to it.

We also offer the possibility to customize the cases in our Individual MS department, where our team will advise you setting up your Marvalcar Sanirbos Egg 79, where you can choose the colour, material and finishes and even request a work from artist Javier Bernal with the theme you choose for the occasion, like you can seen in this video.

Among the choices of Individual MS, our customer can be a step ahead and choose a more unique design, both wood and metal, in both cases, finished with Swarovski crystals, gemstones or a work by artist Javier Bernal.

This together with its limited production makes Marvalcar Sanirbos 79 a unique and exclusive object of desire for lovers of Ultra Premium oEVOO and art, making it a true gift for the senses.