Marvalcar Sanirbos, an exclusive and unique experience that will captivate your senses.


Marvalcar Sanirbos is founded in Málaga, capital of the Costa del Sol, located in southern Spain, with the desire of conquering the palates for lovers of KOSHER Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (oEVOO), with a tasting of our gold olive juice, causing it to become a unique and unforgettable experience in the company of their own.

The elaboration of our precious Ultra Premium oEVOO, comes from an organic cultivation arbequina single variety olives, which are maintained with great care throughout the year in our small estate of olive trees, through continuous and strict quality controls which it approved as KOSHER food. 

Elaboration process:

The elaboration of our valued olive juice, is performed early after collecting the fruit, between late October and early November, according to the state of ripeness of the fruit.

Harvest is performed by a vibration process of the trunk, preventing, in that way, that the tree suffers and the olives hit or touch the ground. We work only olives that are in the olive branch.

The obtaining of the juice is carried out inside the oil mill we have in our own estate and from which the olive is collected. Shortly after, the olive is treated with a new grinding system, which consists of two rotating granite mills at low speed to prevent friction heat at the time of the opening of the fruit. Later, the paste is beaten in sophisticated continuous mixers movement inertised, that improve to the full extent, mixing of the paste, even at low temperature (25°C), obtaining only the best of the fruit, around 10% of oEVOO per olive, when the usual is about 24%.

The duration of this process does not require more than 2 hours after collection in the olive grove, giving as a result this magnificent Ultra Premium oEVOO, a product of the highest quality, offering an extremely low acidity of less than 0.1º, eight times less the minimum to be considered an Extra Virgin Oil, being the most recommended for infant feeding for its supreme quality.

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stored since it is squeezed in a inertised stainless steel tank to 18ºC with nitrogen. Its packaging is only on request, to guarantee 100% of its properties as if it were freshly produced, could be infused with saffron, or other seasonings request if the customer desires.