Marvalcar Sanirbos 250ml

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Marvalcar Sanirbos 250ml

  • Vendedor: Marvalcar Sanirbos
  • Garantía (meses): 12

Price for box of 12 pieces. 

Marvalcar Sanirbos is an KOSHER organic EVOO of the highest quality, which is obtained directly from olives in optimum condition and only by cold mechanical systems, with extremely low acidity of only 0.1º, its features make it a particularly suitable product for children’s diets. Additionally, our product is highly recommended for use in salads, meats, breads, desserts, especially with chocolate.

Marvalcar Sanirbos is packaged in a dark bottle, which protects it from light, labelling  with the work “Bernal’s Olives” from Spanish artist Javier Bernal, what makes each of our bottles in a unique and exclusive object of desire for lovers of gourmet products and art.