Marvalcar Sanirbos 79

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Marvalcar Sanirbos 79

Price for box of 12 pieces 20cl. 

*The piece picture of this site, could not be the same size that the offer.

Marvalcar Sanirbos 79, is an KOSHER Ultra Premium oEVOO of exceptional quality offering an extremely low acidity of less than 0.1º, eight times less the minimum to be considered an Extra Virgin Oil, being the most recommended for infant feeding for its supreme quality and healthy, which can be presented as such or ecological infused with saffron, or other seasonings.

Sensory profile of the tasting; Although there may be differences in every harvest, depending on the climatic conditions of each campaign, the following features are common in all of them:


Yellow Green. This oil is unfiltered, presented completely clean by the excellent decantations that allow an appropriate conservation. Hinting small particles of 23 carat gold suspended in Marvalcar Sanirbos 79 


Really intense, emphasizes the freshness of their fruit, green banana with almond memories. It stresses the familiar smell with vegetables typical of the region from which it comes, standing out the tomato and artichoke with a mild cinnamon perception.


Stresses the strength with which breaks the festival of flavours on the palate. Its taste is exquisite and silky. Sweet with spicy and bitter sensitive perceptions. Long lasting on the palate, with a light flavour tomato, artichoke, almond and thistle cuttings.

The labeling of our pieces are based on the work “Bernal’s Olives”  of Spanish artist Javier Bernal.